Fitness-for-duty Innovation Technology Platform


ExamFIT innovates how providers deliver fitness-for-duty exams from hire to retire!


Fitness-For-Duty Screens

  • Pre-qualify musculoskeletal health and physical abilities for realistic job search
  • Identify baseline of musculoskeletal fitness for all new hires to promote a healthy workforce and suitable activity
  • Assess lift/carry capacity and other abilities required for high demand jobs

WorkAbility Movement Screen

  • Measures musculoskeletal fitness,
    strength and agility.
  • Participants receive an individualized report to promote healthy physical activity.

Functional Capacity Evaluations

  • Fully standardized test protocols
  • Mobile equipment serves multiple sites
  • Reports are very easy to understand
  • Tests are referenced for defensibility
  • Add branding to promote each location

WorkAbility Movement Screen

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Office Ergonomic Assessment

Worker Fitness Screen